She sees herself in the dead bird, suffering and dying in her circumstances. Long before streaming platforms like Netflix, Viu, and iQIYI were a thing, OG fans know the thrill of patiently watching dramas on CDs and local networks. Claire Danes, 41 Julia Vaughan. . He also criticized its overt politicization: "But this movie is in love with female victimization. Warning: Spoilers for The Finest Hours follow.. "[8], Peter Travers of Rolling Stone awarded the film, which he thought "sometimes stumbles on literary pretensions," three out of four stars. Her neighbor Kitty drops in to ask her if she can feed her dog while she's in the hospital for a procedure. The story of how the novel "Mrs. Dalloway" affects three generations of women, all of whom, in one way or another, have had to deal with suicide in their lives. He praised the performances, commenting, "Kidman's acting is superlative, full of passion and feeling ... Moore is wrenching in her scenes with Laura's son (Jack Rovello, an exceptional child actor). Release Dates Cast Meryl Streep Clarissa Vaughn Julianne Moore Laura Brown Nicole Kidman Virginia Woolf Ed Harris Richard Brown Toni Collette Kitty Claire Danes Julia Vaughan Jeff Daniels Louis Waters Stephen Dillane Leonard Woolf John C. Reilly Dan Brown Miranda Richardson Vanessa Bell Eileen Atkins Barbara in the flower shop Margo Martindale Mrs. Supporting roles are played by Ed Harris, John C. Reilly, Stephen Dillane, Jeff Daniels, Miranda Richardson, Allison Janney, Toni Collette, Claire Danes, and Eileen Atkins. Miranda Richardson Vanessa Bell. The time to regret is gone. Virginia lies down beside the bird and looks into its eyes. Check out our archive of episodes. The plot takes place in Bhutin, a fictitious country. 4. The film was released in Los Angeles and New York City on Christmas Day 2002, and was given a limited release in the United States and Canada two days later on December 27, 2002. The opera was first performed in 1876 and was revised in 1880. Louise Henderson rents a room to woman named Vera Brandon who begins to show an unreasonable amount of interest in Louise's newborn son. These three unimprovable actresses make The Hours a thing of beauty. Three escaped felons (Humphrey Bogart, Dewey Martin, Robert Middleton) randomly target a suburban house to hide out in until midnight, when an accomplice plans to deliver them money. The performances are flawless, the screenplay is intelligently crafted, and the overall mood is relentlessly bleak. The Hours. Each is alive at a different time and place, all are linked by their yearnings and their fears. Part of the bracing experimental impact of the film was the absence of narrative connection between the three women. BUY NOW. Music From The Movie "The Hours" by Philip Glass. Everyone goes back inside and Virginia continues writing her book. Their stories intertwine, and finally come together in a surprising, transcendent moment of shared recognition. Kidman's performance was widely acclaimed, and she won numerous awards for her portrayal of Virginia Woolf, including the Academy Award for Best Actress. . Before sunrise on August 29, 2005, Nolan Hayes (PAUL WALKER) arrives at a New Orleans hospital with his pregnant wife, Abigail (GENESIS RODRIGUEZ), who has gone into early labor. Leonard questions her as to why someone has to die. Directed by Eric Heisserer. ", The Hours opened in New York City and Los Angeles on Christmas Day 2002 and went into limited release in the United States and Canada two days later. It's marvelous to watch the ways in which [David Hare] consistently dramatizes the original material without compromising its integrity or distorting its intent ... Cunningham's [novel] touched on notes of longing, middle-aged angst and the sense of being a small consciousness in the midst of a grand mystery.
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